All plumbing works are undertakenplumber boiler gas central heating poole

From tap washers to full installation.  We provide plumbing repairs around the clock. Our Engineers carry a comprehensive range of tools and materials and are equipped to provide where possible a first visit solution to any problem.

Our plumbers will undertake a professional tidy job whether it be a repair or a full installation.

Stop cock: If possible please locate your stop cock prior to our arrival. This will save time when we are onsite. If you do not have a stop cock or if it does not work we can rectify this for you.

plumber boiler gas central heating pooleParts: Before you buy an item such as a tap, toilet or shower please seek advice about their suitability. Alternatively, once we have seen your property we can supply compatible items.

Leaks: If located on exposed pipework leaks are usually easily fixed, as are leaks caused by cracked or blown tiling. A leak on concealed pipework may necessitate cutting access via a wall or ceiling.

Overflow: If you have an overflow problem this should be repaired to avoid damp/leaks and water wastage. More often than not it is a simple ball valve change.plumber boiler gas central heating poole