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  1. The Vendor. “The Vendor” shall mean Poole Heating Ltd. 
  2. Acceptance of Order. Acceptance by Poole Heating Ltd in the form of an order confirmation which may be oral, written or electronically transmitted shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the customer’s acceptance of these Conditions. The price given is a true estimate of what we expect to charge you. If there are unforeseen circumstances that we could not have been aware, that will affect the price, we will provide you with an updated estimate. You have the right to accept the price or decline. Payment will be required for any work completed up to the point you cancel        
  3. Payment. Full payment is required on satisfactory completion. In the unlikely event you are dis-satisfied; you are entitled to withhold an amount to reflect any remedial work that may be required. We should be given the opportunity to complete any remedial work. 
  4. Non Payment. In the event of non payment of all or part of the price, the Vendor shall be entitled to charge interest on any balance due (whether before or after judgement) at the rate of 8% above the Bank Of England base rate from time to time in force. 
  5. Specification. The work to be done and any materials or equipment to be supplied by the Vendor may be varied in any manner prescribed by the Vendor’s engineer as necessary for the safe and/ or efficient completion of the work and the Vendor reserves the right to decide the final position of any equipment having regard to safety and other factors. Any alteration from the particulars of the Order made at the request or with the consent of the Customer shall entitle the Vendor to charge for additional work and materials. 
  6. Time for Completion. We will endeavour to complete the work within the specified time. We are only liable for delays caused by our negligence. Any work will be completed within a reasonable time.
  7. Access. It is a condition of the Vendor’s acceptance of the order that free and safe access will be given to the Vendor’s workmen and supervisors to carry out the work. If free and safe access is not given, the vendor reserves the right to make an additional charge to the customer. 
  8. Alterations necessary for Installation. Whilst the Vendor will take care to avoid unnecessary damage the Total Price shown in the Order does not include the cost of making good decorations, walls, floors, floor coverings or other parts of the premises, and the Vendor is not under any obligations whatsoever to effect any such making-good. The cost of any making-good (if at all) shall be borne by the customer and the Vendor shall be entitled to charge for any additional work or materials it agrees to undertake or supply. The Vendor reserves the right at any time to refuse to commence or complete any works hereunder where the Customer has failed to remove or protect any such items and the Vendor shall be entitled to terminate this agreement without prejudice to any other rights the Vendor may have. 
  9. Care of goods and materials. Upon delivery to the customer’s premises of any goods, materials or equipment to be supplied by the Vendor or of any tools or appliances to be used in connection with the work, the customer shall be fully responsible for any damage to or loss of the same. 
  10. Planning, Building Regulations and By-Law Consents. The Customer shall be solely responsible for any planning permission or any consent under relevant building regulations or by-laws that may be required for the work except the notification of new boilers. 
  11. Guarantee. The Vendor guarantees to make good by replacement or repair any defect in or failure of any equipment supplied pursuant to the Order which appears within 12 calendar months of completion of the work. This guarantee does not cover defects caused or failures resulting from misuse or neglect after completion of the work or the failure of existing equipment. The Customer must as conditions of making any claim under the above guarantee notify any defects promptly. The Customers statutory rights are not affected.  All Vaillant boilers come with A 7 year free of charge parts & labor warranty and Glow-Worm come with A 5, 7 or 10 year parts & labor warranty delivered by Vaillant Group Service for all appliance functional components, both against manufacturing defect & normal wear & tear.  The extended warranty applies to the boiler only, not other system components. The warranty applies to the boiler and address stated on this quote, and is not affected by change of homeowner.  Exclusions: non functional components (casings etc), deliberate damage, component failure due to system and/or water supply contamination.  The appliance must be serviced annually in accordance with manufacturers instructions by the Vendor. Service details must be recorded on the Benchmark logbook.
  12. Limitation of Liability. The Vendor will not seek to exclude or restrict its liability for death or personal injury resulting from the Vendor’s negligence in connection with the work. 
  13. Damage. We will not be liable for any damage unless caused by our negligence.  
  14. Applicable Law. The agreement between the Customer and Poole Heating Ltd shall be construed and shall take effect in all respects in accordance with English Law. 
  15. Asbestos/Plaster board. The removal of any asbestos & or plaster board found within the premises will be the responsibility of the Customer. 
  16. Retention of Title. Any goods, materials or equipment to be supplied by the Vendor remain the property of Poole Heating Ltd until full & final payment is received.
  17. Complaints. We work in line with the Supply of Goods & Services Act, which states that any work or service carried out for you must be done with reasonable care and skill, within a reasonable time and for a reasonable charge (if not agreed beforehand).Any goods/parts provided should be of satisfactory quality, fit for the purpose and as described. If in the unlikely event a problem arises, we aim to resolve the issue within a reasonable time. 
  18. Changes. If you would like to change what is to be supplied, we would request that you confirm this in writing or other durable form (e.g. email).  This will ensure both parties have appropriate records and can refer back to what was agreed.
  19. Cancellation. If this contract is agreed in your home, you will be given information of your right to cancel within 14 days. This is in line with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Charges) Regulations 2013. If you cancel this contract outside the fourteen days, we reserve the right to deduct/claim the direct costs we have incurred.
  20. E & OE